The 2017 Africa Investment Report

This year’s Africa Investment Report comes at a time of uncertainty, both in Africa and globally. The findings demonstrate that investors are finding new, innovative and productive ways to engage with the region.

Highlighs include:

  • While the number of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects into Africa fell by 16% to 602 in 2016, capital investment increased by 40% to $92.3bn
  • Real estate was the top sector by capital investment in 2016, accounting for $36.5bn (or 40%) of announced FDI in the region
  • Construction was the top business activity by capital investment, accounting for 40% of FDI. Combined, construction and manufacturing accounted for almost two-thirds of total capital investment.
  • FDI into Africa accounted for 12% of global FDI in 2016, with project numbers accounting for 5%
  • China became the largest investor in Africa by capital expenditure for the first time since FDI Markets records began in 2003, while the US remains the most prolific investor by number of projects

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